Transfer Students


The Transfer Student Orientation program is for students who fall within these categories:

  • Transferring to UNM with 24+ credits and over the age of 20
  • Returning to college an extended break in their education
  • Returning to school after being discharged from the Military or Military service
  • First time starting college over the age of 20
  • Navigating multiple roles such as parenting or full-time employment

If you are a transferring freshman, call (505) 277-3096 to see if you qualify for the Transfer Orientation program.

Sign up soon. You must attend a Transfer Orientation session. You won’t be able to register for classes until you satisfy this requirement. 

The Transfer Orientation Program will help you learn how to:

  • Discover and use UNM services and resources
  • Register for classes
  • Transfer your financial aid to UNM

Click through the pages on this website to:

As a transfer student, we know this is not your first experience with higher education. It is your first time as a Lobo, so we are excited to welcome you to campus and share important information with you.

As a returning student, the University has gone through some pretty great changes and we find value in sharing these changes and refreshing you on UNM's resources.