Reserve Family Space

Your student will reserve your space for the Family Connection program when they reserve a spot for themselves at Freshmen Orientation.

Getting Ready

Just make sure you and your student agree on which date to attend (based on your schedules and what dates are still available) and decide if you want to take part in the Tag Team option.

Remember that this is a concurrent program, separate from Freshmen Orientation. You will not be with your student who will be attending their own student orientation program. The Family Connection program will recess at 5:00 p.m. on Day One and will resume early on Day Two. Your student will be involved in the student program all evening on Day One and will stay on campus overnight (if attending Sessions 2-9).

Tag Team

Are you busy but still would like to attend? With the Tag Team option, you will only have to miss one day of work or other obligations. In addition, two of you can take part for the price of one by attending one day each. This means each of you attends for one day instead of both of you attending for two days.

To participate as a Tag Team, have your student mark the Tag Team box on the online reservation form.  Under the "Guests" tab in the reservation system, click "Add A Guest."

If you intend to do the Tag Team Option, then select the checkbox next to the line This guest would like to participate as a "Tag Team" for both guests attending Family Connection.

You will see all all parts of the student reservation, including guests, on the My Reservation screen.

To signup for the Family Connection Program

Have your student sign into the reservation system.  If it is your student's first time logging into the system, he or she will need to enter personal information, complete a questionnaire, and select dates.  

The second to last step of the reservation process is labeled "Guests" and this is where you will be registered for the Family Connection Program.  On this screen, click on Add A Guest (see below).  A pop up menu will appear where information about the first guest should be added.  Once the information for the first guest has been added, repeat the process for additional guests (if applicable).  However, if you choose the Tag Team option your student should add the other tag team participant's name under "Additional Tag Team Guest Information" instead of adding a second guest.