Reserve Family Space

Your student will reserve your space for the Family Connection program when they reserve a spot for themselves at Freshmen Orientation.

Getting Ready

Please note if you are signed up to attend Family Connection In-Person! or To-Go!. Please click here to see the modality offered for the date you and your student have selected. Remember that this is a concurrent program, separate from Freshmen Orientation. However, you will spend some time in the same space with your student throughout the in-person and virtual programs. Please click here to see the basic schedule for each type of program (in-person or virtual).

To signup for the Family Connection Program

Have your student sign into the reservation system.  If it is your student's first time logging into the system, he or she will need to enter personal information, complete a questionnaire, and select dates.  

The second to last step of the reservation process is labeled "Guests" and this is where you will be registered for the Family Connection Program. On this screen, click on Add A Guest (see below). A pop up menu will appear where information about the first guest should be added. Once the information for the first guest has been added, repeat the process for additional guests (if applicable). However, if you choose the Tag Team option your student should add the other tag team participant's name under "Additional Tag Team Guest Information" instead of adding a second guest.