Below are some of the common questions that we receive about the Family Connection Program. If you have a question about this program that is not addressed below or elsewhere on the Family Connection website, please contact Lisa Lindquist, Family Connection Coordinator, at ldelgado@unm.edu or 505-277-3361.

Is it really that important for family members to attend?

Yes. According to one parent, “This program helped relieve any anxiety I might have had, and actually got me excited to share this college experience with my daughter.”

Research has shown that family is the primary source of encouragement in pursuing a college education and is a big source of motivation for finishing a degree. With college pressures such as finances, maintaining grades, and taking exams, students will need your moral support.  Over 99% of those attending a Family Connection program in the past five years said they would recommend this program. Don’t miss it!

I already have a student attending college and have been through orientation so I really don't need to attend again, do I?

Many things have changed on the UNM campus in the last couple of years. We have many new staff, faculty, buildings and new programs. Make sure to check out the growing number of choices available through Academic Communities, a program specifically aimed at your student succeeding in his or her first semester.

Will I be with my student during orientation?

No. After our welcome session, students and parents are separated. Therefore, you should discuss important issues such as class selection and major exploration before the Freshmen Orientation program begins. Academic advising will be accomplished with the student, the academic advisor, and the Freshmen Orientation staff. Family members will not be involved in the selection of classes. You will see each other briefly for particular occasions and you rejoin your student at the end the last day during lunch.

Students should arrive to our check-in area with all necessary information and overnight materials in hand.

Can others besides parents come to the program?

Yes. Siblings, aunts, uncles, guardians, and grandparents are all welcome. However, siblings and others under 18 quickly become bored with our detailed presentations. We strongly recommend that children under 12 not attend.

The program is not designed for the student’s best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, or spouses; therefore, they will feel out of place in the Family Connection Program, and will not be allowed to participate in the student program.

How can I register for the Family Connection Program?

Please let your student know that you want to attend the Family Connection Program. Your student can sign you up as a "guest" on his/her online Freshmen Orientation reservation form. If they have already signed up without you, they can still add you onto their reservation by logging back in and modifying their reservation.

Click here for more information about registering for the Family Connection Program.

My student has already signed up and I didn't. Can I still attend the same session?

Yes! All you have to do is ask your student to go back online and modify the reservation. They can add your Family Connection reservation to their reservation by updating it online in the "guests" section.  Be sure to select a payment option after you are added as a guest. Below is a screen shot of the reservation screen for you to see:

How can I help my student prepare for orientation?

You can review the advisement and placement exam information and encourage them to take their placement exams (if needed) before orientation. Another great way to help your student prepare is to have an open conversation about your expectations of each other. Encourage your student to think about goals that he or she wants to accomplish in school.  Thinking about future career goals will also help in determining potential majors for the student.  Using this time to truly listen to your student will be a useful exercise in preparing for the upcoming transition that you are about to experience.

I am very busy at work and won't be able to get off two whole days to attend the session. What can I do instead?

Parents can attend the orientation program as a tag team so each parent will attend one day each. The program is also very flexible in case parents have to leave for a meeting, go to the office or just run a few errands.

My student thinks that I will just be bothering her at orientation. Are family and guests with students all the time?

Students and family members will go through separate programs and therefore only see each other during check-in, in the afternoons at end of the program during the final day during lunch. Remind your students that you are there to support them, not to interfere while they are at orientation.

I am from out of town and have no place to stay while my student stays on campus. Where can I stay overnight?

Although we cannot offer on-campus housing to family members or other guests during our program, there are many nearby hotels.  Guests from out-of-town can stay at one of many hotels in Albuquerque, or with friends or relatives. The Family Connection Program will recess at 5:00 p.m. on the first day so families can explore Albuquerque. Students will stay late during Freshmen Orientation, so they will not be available until the next day (except for Sessions 1, 10 and 11).

Where can I find a campus map?

Click here for a map of UNM's Main Campus. Look in the mailbox after your student has reserved a spot in orientation for a map specifically for orientation.