How to Sign-Up for NSO


Ready to get started?

Please review the following information before you attempt to sign-up for orientation. Doing so will help you get familiar with the overall process and offer solutions to common obstacles some students may face when signing up. 

At UNM, we use a third-party reservation system, Visualzen, to reserve your spot for orientation. 


Creating an Account

  • You will need to be admitted to UNM
    • If you were admitted today, you're not quite in our reservation system and will need to wait 24 hours to sign-up.
    • Visit if you're not admitted.
  • You will need to enter your UNM Banner ID number (10XXXXXXX)
    • this can be found on your acceptance letter. 
  • You will need to enter your Date of Birth
    • this is to verify your information within our reservation system
  • You will need to enter an email address that you check often
    • We prefer students to start using their UNM email address, but any address will work for the reservation process. 
    • Visit to create your UNM email address if you haven't already done so.
  • You will need to create a password 
    • This account and password is only for our reservation system and does not connect with our university-wide system. 


Reservation Portal Information

Once you create an account and login, some of your information will be automatically populated for you. Please confirm the pre-populated information and answer any questions that are asked. Below is an overview of the different sections.

  • Demographic Information
    • This is used for pre-orientation contact
  • Questionnaire
    • Please confirm your major or select a new one (this step is important for advisement)
      • If you're unsure about your major, that's perfectly fine - we have academic advisors who are trained to assist you. Please select 'Undecided' if you're still exploring a major.
    • Please share any requests for accommodations so we can ensure those are provided during your orientation. 
  • Dates
    • Based on your admission status, you will be able to see all dates available to you. If a date is not showing up, that date is at full capacity. 
  • Submit Payment 
    • Your spot will not be reserved if you do not submit a payment. Select 'Pay Now' and select which option you want to use to pay and solidify your reservation. 
      • Credit Card Payment: You can pay immediately with a Credit Card. Please note: that the charge will appear on the credit card statement as "ORIENTATIONFEE.COM"
      • Charge My Student Account: You can also pay your orientation fee at a later date by having the fee charged to your student account. This method allows scholarships, grants, and student loans to cover the charge when those funds come in. Please note: The charge "CEP New Student Orientation" will appear on your UNM Bursar Account after you complete orientation. 

After you successfully sign-up for orientation you will get a confirmation email sent to the email you used to create your account. Be sure to check any spam/junk folders in case your email system categorized this correspondence incorrectly.


You're all set!

At this point your spot is reserved! Be sure to check your email often for updates. It is important to review any spam/junk folders in case your email system categorized this correspondence incorrectly.



Click here to Sign-up!

Click here to visit our reservation system. Once you're in, you'll see the orientation dates/types that are available to you - based on your admission status (Freshman, Transfer, Branch student, etc.)