Cancellation Policy

You MUST call the New Student Orientation Program at (505) 277-3096 by 5:00 pm three business days prior to your scheduled session if:

  • You are unable to attend the session or program you have signed up for.
  • You are signed up for a session or program and decide NOT to attend the University of New Mexico for the upcoming semester.

About the Cancellation Deadline

  • The New Student Orientation Program works with a number of departments that require us to guarantee your space prior to your arrival at orientation.
  • The three-business-day notice allows us sufficient time to contact these departments and notify them of any changes, thus allowing you not to be charged. 
  • Failure to contact the New Student Orientation Program by the cancellation deadline (5:00 pm three business days prior to your scheduled orientation session) will result in a NSO fee for the full program amount. 
  • Contacting another University office about your decision to not attend UNM does not count as canceling your commitment to attend orientation. 
  • If you do not contact the New Student Orientation Program to cancel your reservation, you will be charged.
  • The No-Show fee is an additional charge in the same amount of the program cost (Ex: TNT A: $50.00, “No-Show”: $50.00) The No-Show fee the result of a student not attending the registered session or not canceling before the identified deadline. 
  • No Show Fee for Opt-In Program - New Student Orientation will issue a no-show fee of $25.00 if a participant signs up for the extended night stay and does not attend. The reason for this fee is to cover the cost of room and meal assigned prior to the session.

You can modify your orientation reservation (including session/program date, guests, anticipated major, etc) up until the cancellation deadline by logging into the reservation system using the email address and password that you used the first time that you logged into the system. Click here to login to the reservation system.