Reserve Your Spot

Make sure that you have been admitted for the Summer or Fall 2013 semesters.  

You will not be able to sign into the NSO Reservation System without having been admitted for at least 24 hours.  If you have not received an admissions letter from the UNM Office of Admissions, please call their office at 505-277-8900.  

International Students

Are you an International student? Click here for more information about reserving your spot for your orientation.

Identify which session best fits your needs and schedule.

Determine which program is right for you. Then, pick your program date. See the schedule page for more information. You need to plan to attend all parts of the program that you register for.

If you are attempting to register for a session that is currently closed, please sign up for the next available program and log back in regularly to see if a spot opens up in your desired session.  If someone in a session cancels his or her reservation, that spot will immediately become available. The New Student Orientation Program does not maintain wait lists for our sessions.

Have your UNM ID number ready

You will need your UNM ID number to make a reservation for the TNT Program.
(Your UNM ID number is the 9-digit number that came in your Admissions Letter. It is sometimes referred to as a Banner ID.)

Click here to reserve your spot in a TNT Program.

Modifying Reservations

Click here for instructions on how to modify an existing reservation.